Why less is more when building your social media brand

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From Instagram to Twitter, Facebook to Tik Tok, Blogging to Freelancing – there is so much out there that we feel a pressure to explore. Never does this feel more overwhelming than when we are building our online brand; whether it be to work for ourselves, to share our creativity and content with the world or while building our empire. We know social media presence is important but what if we didn’t have to do it all in order to succeed? Today I wanted to come to you, with a little a revelation I have had since coming back from maternity leave, about finding deep joy in the power of saying no and the realisation that when it comes to developing your own brand sometimes less really is more.

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Why can less be more on Social Media?

Since the emergence of social media and the evolving understanding on how important it can be when building a brand or business online we’ve tried to do it all. We’ve tried to grow a Facebook page, build up and Instagram following, grow our Twitter reach and so much more. Businesses, brands and content creators around the world have come to the conclusion that they *need* to be on social media without really reliving into how to do it all effectively. I was no different and diligently set up a Twitter profile, Facebook page, Instagram account and more recently I briefly dipped my toe into the world of Tik Tok (and then quickly retreated) and tried to figure out each platform at mostly the same time, posting appropriate content for each one, spreading myself thin, making myself stressed and, for most, unable to excel in any one place. 

So, what did I do?

If I have learnt anything over the last 14 years it is this: Less is always more. Three years ago I decided enough was enough with my social media game, I was going to stop spreading myself so thin, stop ploughing my time and work into platforms that I didn’t love (Facebook I am looking at you!) and start using my time to build my brand not only productively but intentionally too. If you would have asked me a decade ago what my favourite social media platform was I would have probably said Twitter (and I’ll always have a place for it in my heart as it is where I first connected with my husband). As time has moved on, the social media space has become more varied, platforms have come and some have gone and the world of social media is a vastly different space than it was 10 years ago. Now, my favourite spot on the internet is Instagram; its the place I love the most, it’s the place where I have connected with some of the best humans and it’s the place where I have thoroughly enjoyed building my brand. I am a creative at heart and therefore I think Instagram is my natural social media home. It allows me to marvel at other peoples beautiful photos, connect with other mama’s who are going through this crazy journey of motherhood alongside me, read the in depth stories behind the photos, keep up with friends every day lives and create and curate the beautiful content that I love for myself.

I very much find my joy in creating beautiful photos (I’m no photographer but I do my best), sharing my own story (because everyone has a voice) and serving with integrity. Instagram is my passion project when it comes to social media and I have carved my own corner of the internet just for me. It is where I work, play and serve and I’ve been so lucky that I am now able to share my knowledge with others with the pre-release of my 5 days to level up your Instagram free course. Aside from Instagram as my social media platform of choice you can also find me here on my blog and curating and saving on Pinterest, but you won’t find me many places else, or at least you won’t find me active anywhere else. For me, for enjoyment and growing an online brand, I only commit to spending my time doing things I love and that I am passionate about. For me, less is most definitely more.

So how can I start?

Focusing on one social media platform, at least at first (there is nothing to say once you have cracked one you can’t move onto being awesome on another), gives you the ability to do it and do it really well. I don’t know about you but I would rather see success in one place than see little success because I have to spread myself too and thin and end up overwhelmed. I know many of you feel it too and I just want to say that it is ok not to be everywhere, it is ok to have focus in one or two places and it is absolutely ok to rock one platform before moving onto figuring out the inner workings of the next. Not only is it ok but you heard it from me: I encourage it. It will strengthen your brand, your voice, your exposure and most importantly it will go some way to supporting you, the creator, in not getting overwhelmed and burnt out. 

But can I really be successful if I am not everywhere?

The simple answer is of course you can and this is why you will see that people may be doing particularly well on Instagram but not so much on Facebook, or someone will come along and take a platform like Tik Tok by storm. My advice here is not to leave other platforms entirely (although that is totally your call) but to just take them one at time or in a way that feels authentic to you. For example, like I said above, Instagram is my passion project on social media and it is the place I want to be and I enjoy being. I have profiles in other places that I don’t use or rarely use so my brand is visible, Maybe when I feel like I have Instagram, Pinterest and Blog all where I want them to be I might move onto Twitter and/or Facebook, but the point being that you don’t have to do it all, have it all and make time for it all. Find one that you love, work hard, grow and serve with authenticity and integrity and see where that takes you.

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So which Social Media platform’s do I pick?

This is going to be a different answer for everyone because we all have different passions and skills, and what works for one person/business/brand won’t necessarily work for another. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is whether you’re a business or individual you want to start showing up and growing a true brand on social media. A brand where people recognise you for your authenticity, honesty and the way you show up. Being who you are will always be more important on where you are.

Social media isn’t supposed to be a chore and I cannot emphasise enough the power in saying no to some and only indulging in those that bring you joy. It’s ok to not have the same passion projects as others in your industry and it is ok to pursue your own things. If you can show up on your chosen platform, excel there and share and serve in an authentic way then this is your first step to finding your way as a true brand online. 

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