How I edit my photos + my first Lightroom presets pack

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When I first starting uploading photos to Instagram all those years ago presets, filters, themes and aesthetics were the last things on my mind and if you’re a casual Instagram user then you’re probably thinking the same thing. Since I started using Instagram around 5 years ago I have slowly grown my account to where it is today and although I mostly use it for personal memories and our day to day life, I also use it as my platform to share, educate and inspire, and more recently to share my online content creation business and everything that comes with that. The creative part of me loves taking photos and making them look beautiful while not falling into the trap of the “perfect” Instagram feed because life isn’t perfect. It’s a platform I like to show up on as my honest self, sharing our life and sharing the ups and downs that we encounter every day. I take a lot of pride in the content I create and it certainly isn’t perfect but thats life and I love that about my account. A question I get a lot is about how I edit my photos (which let me tell you, is very minimal and very easy) and today I want to come and share with you all about how I edit them plus introduce you to a fun project I have been working on: My first preset pack release. So lets jump in!

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What apps I use to edit my photos:

Instagram doesn’t have to be full of edited photos if you don’t want it to be but if you are partial to an extra nice looking photo or love to follow a theme or an aesthetic on your feed then by all means go ahead. As with anything Instagram related my advice is always to do what you love on your own Instagram feed and preserve your memories and share your life/business/blog in anyway you see fit. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another so definitely follow your heart with this one. 

Other than using a preset filter, where the colours are just slightly edited to bring up brightness (because I love a crisp looking photo), I don’t mess with my photos at all so for that reason I use Adobe Lightroom Mobile. I have my own filter (which I will be releasing soon) and every photo I apply one of the group of four filters to. This helps to keep my feed all looking pretty similar and for me a pretty looking Instagram grid is something I love to look at. 

Why I like to edit for Instagram:

Like I said, I love to keep things real on Instagram and you’ll probably never find me more real than in my stories but I also do love to create content (it is my job after all) and I love creating and producing beautiful photos. Over the years I have found great joy in taking photos, setting up photos, capturing content and creating a beautiful end product that I myself find aesthetically pleasing. I guess you could say I love to create beautiful content that I love; from writing, blogging, filming and taking photos. I am far from a photographer (and wouldn’t want to be) but it’s just a little passion I have found that I quite enjoy. Running my own online, social media based business has encouraged me to create a colours that associate me and my social media to my overall brand.  

The big launch!

With all this said; My love for creating, my love for beautiful photography and loving to look at anything that is aesthetically pleasing on the eye I decided to dip my toe into the world of Lightroom presets. I have been using Lightroom for many years now and I have been busy creating some presets of my own (including the one I use for my own photos).

So here is my first ever Lightroom preset launch with my first pack of six presets in a dark, moody tone. I am so excited to launch these to the world and you guys can currently get your hands on them for 30% discount as a thank you for all your support for me and my business thus far. I am working hard on other preset packs and hope to launch these out into the world soon.

I hope you love this pack of presets as much as I do – they have been a labour of love to create but also I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute and can’t wait to create more. If you want to be one of the first people with these presets and grab a whopping 30% off then head to my shop and download them today.

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