Why a morning routine can keep your positivity high

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Some of us crave routine and some of us thrive in the chaos, and then there are some of us that land somewhere in the middle. If you had asked me whether I had a morning routine a couple of years ago I would probably have said no, because having worked for myself full time from home before I was a parent was definitely a different ball game entirely. I definitely had the time to relax and do what I want and when I wanted to do it. 

So was it parenthood that suddenly convinced me that I needed more structure and routine? If I am honest I am still not sure. I am a big advocate of personal development, growing my mind, working on my mindset and focusing on the actions and activities every day that help me thrive and develop that abundance mindset I am so passionate about. Parenthood definitely changed my life and it’s entirely possible that both combined helped me reach a place of organisation, routine and to ensure that I am focusing my energy in the right place throughout the first part of my day.

I am a firm believer in the importance behind in how you spend the first part of your day in that it certainly sets the tone for the rest of the day and with that in mind I like to ensure that I can spend my first hour or two in the best way possible. 

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Start your morning right

I enjoy my sleep so I am never going to be the person who jumps out of bed before everyone else and I don’t generally open my eyes until my daughter indicates that I should (and sometimes she even opens my eyelids for me). If however you are an early riser and enjoy some time to yourself before the chaos of your household ensues, then set an alarm to wake up and hour before everyone else. This is a great time to spend just for you without any distractions. 

If you’re like me and getting up an hour before you need too sounds like the worst idea you have ever heard then don’t worry, you can still be productive, proactive and able to get your mindset right before you start your day. You might have to do your morning routine around little ones, your significant other and an overzealous pet, but I promise it can be done.

Avoid technology

In a world full of technology it isn’t always easy to not reach for your phone first thing in the morning so this one might be a work in progress. We live in a world where we’re permanently switched on and connected to each other and sometimes that is a little overwhelming. Taking time at the beginning of the day to focus on your goals and routine, without technology, can be a huge help. If you’re feeling the burnout of always being connected in everyday life you might want to consider turning off the notifications to all or some of your apps. For example, the only apps that notify me are my text messages, phone calls, and WhatsApp, everything else is off and I have to physically open the app to see any notifications. If you rely on your phone and/or devices a lot start with small steps; first try 5 minutes in the morning when you wake up and gradually increase it. I promise you will feel a difference in yourself when you’re able to distance yourself from these distractions first thing. 

Feed your mind with positivity

Positivity grows and spreads the more you surround yourself with it but unfortunately so does negativity so it is of such importance to keep your mind positive. Life isn’t always easy so I am definitely not saying you are going to be able to stay upbeat, positive and happy 24/7 but you can choose how you respond to certain situations. 

I decided a long time ago that I wanted positivity to overrule negativity in my life and I removed, as much as I could, anything that produced negative vibes. Sometimes that’s rearranging part of your house that you don’t love, sometimes it’s unfollowing someone on social media and sometimes it’s removing a toxic relationship from your life. 

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Think about a positive way that you can start your day:

Maybe you could start journaling

Or start writing in a daily gratitude journal*.

You could listen to something uplifting in the form of an audiobook or podcast.

Maybe you might want to start doing some yoga or meditation.

You can visualise something you want to achieve.

Or you could speak affirmations to yourself.

You could blast your favourite music.

Or even just take some time to yourself to drink your morning coffee.

There are so many ways that you can start your day right but by all means don’t feel like you have to do everything at once, just pick one thing from the list above and start there. I have cultivated a morning routine for a while and while it is definitely subject to change in general Put on a podcast, drink my coffee, write in my gratitude journal and speak affirmations over myself.  Let me know in the comments below which of the above list you are committing to trying to feed your soul with positivity?

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Take a moment

This might seem like there are loads of things you need to be doing to get your day off to the best start but remember these are just ideas and the best schedule for your morning will be the one that fits in with your life. You don’t have to try and cram everything in by any means but there is a lot of value in starting one thing at a time and seeing how you get on.

Another great thing to add to your morning schedule is to just take some time for yourself. It doesn’t need to be a long period of time but it does need to be a time period in which you just get a moment to breathe, recharge and focus for the day ahead. You can even combine this with another one of your morning activities such as yoga or writing in a gratitude journal. Equally, I can find some time just sitting and drinking my coffee. Wherever you can squeeze in 5-10 minutes of time by yourself, just you and your thoughts, I definitely suggest giving it a try.

Have a single, specific task in mind

Each day, you will embark upon and complete innumerable tasks just as a matter of getting through the day. Because these are standard tasks, you probably don’t think much about getting them ticked off, but they are proof that you are making an impact on the day. To ensure that you get that “reward” feeling from your brain, it’s worth having a single specific task to complete each day, something that’s separate from the usual. If you need new glasses, make it a task to check out the best new brands and order a pair if the time is right. If you are planning a change of diet, resolve to check out three interesting recipes within the new diet. They needn’t be big tasks, but getting them out of the way helps, psychologically

Have a loose routine in place for your day

A routine doesn’t have to be a fixed schedule for the day, it certainly isn’t in this house, but just some ideas on things you can do and a guide to how you want your day to go. Every day can look different and that’s ok (and totally normal too) but I do like to have a general idea what our days will look like. I have never been someone for a strict routine, which is good because babies and toddlers don’t always allow for that, but I have realised that now my daughter is a toddler that I have a rough idea of how I want our day to go. Whether you’re a parent or not if you feel like having a rough schedule (or maybe even a stricter one) would help I recommend just make a rough note down somewhere until you get into a routine.

I hope this post gave you some ideas about ways to start your day, create a loose morning routine and gave you some tips on ways you can keep productivity and positivity at an all-time high. Let me know in the comments below what positive activities you plan to add to your morning routine?

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