How To Encourage Your Kids To Eat More Fish

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Fish is one highly nutritious meal that many children, for some reason, hate to eat. Parents are constantly trying to find tasty recipes children are willing to chew down, and the search is always trying and overwhelming. While some children find fish to be smelly, others don’t appreciate the taste it offers. The truth is, there are even adults who also refuse to consume fish, so children aren’t doing anything strange. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t exposed to fish as a child or if your family’s diet has always been meat and potatoes. With the foolproof strategy in this post, you can have your little one asking for more servings of fish in no time. 

  1. Encourage them to cook

Getting your little ones involved in the cooking process is a great way to encourage your children to eat a greater variety of meals. They can help you plan the family’s meals or help with the crumbing of fish or chicken for dinner. Getting your kids to be hands-on helps build a valuable food preparation skill they can use for the rest of their lives. Also, it increases the variety of meals they’ll want to try, giving them a contribution to its preparation. 

  1. Serve it with sauce

For kids, sauces can fix everything! Vegetables and proteins like fish are not the first choices of several children and adults because they don’t offer the sweetest flavors. The solution to this is to serve any dish of vegetables or fish with a side of sweet sauce. It can be regular sauce or dipping sauce, but anything tasty enough to boost their meal consumption. Think of options such as mayo, sweet chili, or a little soy sauce for your meals, and watch your children scramble for the last morsel. 

  1. Create DIY recipes

Giving kids the chance to build their dinner is another great way to encourage the consumption of otherwise forbidden foods. Meals such as tacos, burgers, and tacos can encourage your little one to try different proteins. Cut up pieces of salmon, and encourage kids to add it as a topping to their pizza or as a filling for their burgers and tacos. 

  1. Don’t talk about it 

The first advice expert fish-serving parents give is to stop nagging their kids to consume fish or vegetables. Studies have revealed that the more you nag your children into undertaking a specific activity, the more they act defiant. Think about it, you dont beg kids to eat their ice cream or treats, and they consume those with glee. Instead of nagging your kids to eat, you can buy wild tiger prawns raw from fishforthought and serve it with a tasty dipping sauce, they love. You don’t have to say much; serve and watch them chow down.

  1. Switch it in 

Choose family-friendly meals you can include your fish in. Some family favorites include spag bol and stir-fries. For any meal, you typically use meat or any other protein; replace the protein with a fish like salmon. Salmon is a light and delicious fish, high in omega-3. It is also very easy to incorporate into your pasta dishes or schnitzels, making it a safe bet. Including this fish in your meals won’t benefit your kids but the entire family. 

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