What You Need to Fully Equip Your Commercial Kitchen

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So, you own a commercial kitchen. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a takeout, or another food production or catering business, that commercial kitchen is the heart and soul of your business. Without a good commercial kitchen, your company simply can’t function.

It makes sense, therefore, that if you’re going to take care of the health of your business, it needs a healthy kitchen. This includes staff, ingredients, the right facility, and the focus of this article, the right equipment.

The Basics

First things first, not every commercial kitchen will need the same equipment. The equipment you need may depend on the food you’re serving, as well as the space you have to play with. Yes, it would be great to have the best toys and gadgets, but you need to focus on the basics. 

In most kitchens, a commercial fridge is a must. Often, multiple fridges are recommended so that you can safely store meat, vegetables, dairy, and cooked food separately. 

You will also need plenty of clean work surfaces for food preparation, basic tools like bowls, knives, pots and pans, and other food prep tools. Most kitchens will also require somewhere to cook the food, whether it’s a deep fryer, a stovetop, or an oven. 

Finally, a dishwashing station is a must to keep the kitchen clean and well organised.

Niche Equipment

This is where things get a little more complicated. Depending on your menu and niche, you might need specific equipment. First, look into other businesses that share and similar niche and see what you can learn from them.

Build business relationships with potential competitors, partners, and vendors alike. This will help you to not only source niche, difficult-to-find equipment but also ingredients and even potential employees.

By being selective with the equipment you use, you cut down on wasted space and money. Some niche equipment also needs training to be used safely, especially if it’s not normally found in a commercial kitchen.

Do your research and justify every purchase. But remember, this equipment can make all the difference.

A Clean Kitchen

Finally, while it’s not directly related to your kitchen equipment, you need to consider how clean and efficient your kitchen is. A good kitchen layout allows you to cook efficiently, quickly, and safely. Nobody wants chaos in a commercial kitchen, as it can lead to waste and injury.

On top of a good layout and properly trained employees, a clean kitchen is often an easily sterilised kitchen. There’s a reason most commercial kitchens are a sea of stainless steel, and it’s not because it’s fashionable. This material is easy to clean and, more importantly, easy to sterilise when necessary.

You can also use a commercial cleaning kitchen company to tackle any deep cleaning. Get a deep clean fairly regularly and if you’ve just moved into a new commercial kitchen, it’s a good idea to get someone in for a proper clean. After all, a clean kitchen means your customers don’t get sick.

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