Important Reasons to Declutter

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Many of us have spent years accumulating so many things that they cannot comfortably fit in our home without spilling out. Not only that, but many of us hold on to things we no longer need or even like just because we can, and just because we are attached to the idea of them, even though we never really use them.

If you want to live a slower, calmer, life, then getting rid of your clutter is a positive step to take on the path for the following reasons:

It makes you think about what matters the most

When you undertake the decluttering process, you will need to assess every item you own and think about whether you want to keep it or not. This is a really interesting process that will reveal things you didn’t know about yourself. What you decide to keep or donate will reveal what matters most to you what you value and what you are ready to let out of your life. That is a huge positive.

It will improve your mental health

One of the best things about decluttering your possessions is that you tend to find more calm in your life once your surroundings are less busy. A cluttered environment really can lead to a cluttered mind, so by removing anything you do not need or love from your space, you really can find more peace in your life and your family will feel the same too.

Get more sleep

On a related note, decluttewrign can also help you to get more sleep. It is much easier to drift off in a room that is empty apart from your bed, a bedside table or two and maybe a plant, than it is to drift off in a room that is packed with clothes you haven’t worn for ages, knick-knacks you no longer love, an overspilling bookshelf, and…well you get the idea. So, if you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, why not make it a priority to start your decluttering activities in the bedroom and see if it helps you to get more shut-eye?

It will enable you to do other things

When you declutter, you can sell your IT equipment to Equipment HQ or let people buy your vintage clothes on Etsy, which means you can make a little cash for the things that are important in life like new educational supplies for the kids or that yoga retreat you have always dreamed of. Turn the stuff that is no use to you into something that is enriching. 

It can help you to help people

If you pledge to donate the things you no longer want, which are still in good condition, to charities or even just neighbours who need them, you can do your bit to help your community and teach your children the importance of generosity and kindness.

If you have not already decluttered and simplified your home, then now might just be the perfect time to do so.

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