How To Better People-Proof Your Business & Office Space

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There’s no doubt that when you hire staff, you do so because you appreciate and trust the candidate in question. Coming into your business, proving themselves, and serving as an integrated part of your team strengthens the bond that all good managers have with the people who work under them.

However, it’s also true that in general, ‘people,’ as a macro group, can inspire us in more ways than one. You only need to see an unkept staff kitchen, the floor outside covered in cigarette butts if waste receptacles are not provided, and the state of office desks can get to if we don’t have distinct policies or provisions in kind to keep people in check.

In some cases, they may even surprise you by their actions, such as by keeping open beverage containers right next to switched-on plugged sockets.

For this reason, people-proofing your office is a good investment to have, and requires worthwhile planning and the capable management of your people. In this post, we hope to consider a few worthwhile measures of getting to that point, and what the entire plan can mean in advance.

Worthwhile Office Cleaning Services

To get around the tiresome stains, dropped litter, and weird issues that can take place in the bathroom without you knowing, ensuring that excellent office cleaning services are in tow will help you solve everything before anyone comes into work. 

Does this give your office workers carte blanche to do what they want and to leave everything to the cleaners? Of course, not some essentials like using waste bins and having a worthwhile disposal area are key. But it’s good to have office cleaning services that ensure the space is properly managed, and can handle so much footfall traffic in advance. This way, everything is simplified and returned to baseline going forward.

Set Some Ground Rules For The Kitchen

Staff kitchens are known to become a little gross, especially if everyone defers the responsibility of cleaning out the microwave, ensuring the kettle is cleaned, and making certain the fridge is in a worthwhile state. The best you can do here is enforcing a rota of cleaning, where twice a week a given department is responsible for its upkeep. When departments wish to save face, they’ll elect someone to go and clean it as part of their duties, a task that will take thirty minutes max. This help you avoid any nasty outcomes.

Manage Accountability

Of course, it’s not just cleanliness and organization that needs to be planned for. Sometimes, it’s essential to enforce essential accountability, especially when it comes to the areas that hold your safety equipment, which should be tracked properly. CCTV cameras, inventory sheets, and condition inspections will ensure that those who need to wear proper equipment to handle industrial chemicals for cleaning, for instance, or who bring stock from department to department is cared for. Managing access to certain areas via proper keycard use, so that only trained personnel are allowed in certain areas (like if a studio is off from the office placement) can make a big difference.

With his advice, you’re sure better people-proof your business and offices.

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