10 topics for totally remarkable reels

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Instagram reels are blowing up! You’ve seen the brand new reels function appear, you’ve seen people creating reels left, right and centre but you’re not sure it’s for you. You know that Instagram loves when you engage in their features and you’ve heard being an early adopter to their features the platform will reward you, but where do you even begin right?

Guess what?! You don’t have to know everything about Instagram, or reels or even show up perfect. Showing up imperfectly, diving in and just enjoying yourself is always perfect – there is so much to gain from just showing up rather than waiting until you’re ready (and that’s true for most things in life!). Instagram rewards it’s early adopters to a feature and I don’t want you to miss out. So let’s walk through what reels are and let me share with you 10 ideas for creating totally remarkable reels.

Why reels?

Instead of extensive training, I wanted to get this into your hands immediately so you can jump straight in. I created this freebie that you can download, keep on your phone, on your iPad or print it off and refer to it frequently. I’ll also be doing a week-long remarkable reels training in my FREE insiders group – so if you want to grab a spot, be sure to join us!

Don’t worry – I’ve made this free!

In this freebie you will have 10 go to topics to help you create reels for your audience that you can apply to whatever niche you find yourself on Instagram. I truly believe there is space for everyone to be creating reels and you will find your audience, your true, authentic audience, the more you share, grow, create and inspire. 

Something I personally love about Reels is that you have the chance to reach a higher audience with such a great ease. You can select to put your reel onto the explore page if you have a public account (which I 100% recommend – on both parts) which gives you the chance to have your reel seen outside of your specific audience, which might result in more of your ideal audience seeing you and deciding to follow you. It is an incredible way to get yourself and your account noticed on the platform.

Grab your reels freebie today:

Want some help with what to create? Need some tips to refer to? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with my 10 topics for totally remarkable reels printable – it’ll help you delve into what would really work for your audience and how you can adapt the topics to really suit your niche. If you are looking for inspiration for your IGTV video as well, I have a blog post on that topic too which you might want to check out.

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I want to reiterate this: it is more important to show up imperfectly rather than wait until you are perfectly ready. These tips and ideas will help you start today in creating fun, reels content that you enjoy. It can be scary putting yourself out there but it can also be so rewarding – you’ve got this! Download the 10 tips to totally remarkable reels freebie today and get creating.

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