10 IGTV ideas for when you are feeling uninspired

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We’ve all been there, you want to create content, you know you love what you do but for some reason inspiration just doesn’t come whether it be your blog, Instagram or IGTV. Whether you’re a writer suffering from writers block or a content creator suffering from a creativity slump there we all go through these periods now and again. I know as a writer and content creator I have spent so much of my career battling through these moments and I have always found solace in getting ideas for content creations where I can.

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I wanted to come with you today with some more ideas to help you get out of your slump and inspire you to get creating again with 10 ideas for IGTV that you can use to re-ignite the fire for your personal or business brand.

Firstly, what is IGTV?

IGTV is you video channel within your Instagram app, you can use it from within your main app or from the IGTV stand alone app and is a space where you can create longer form video content for your audience. It gives you more functionality and more time than you would find within your stories and is very comparable to Youtube. One of the best things, if you’re building your brand through Instagram, is that with building an IGTV channel your audience is already on the app, they are already subscribed to you and you can continue to focus you genius on where you are already thriving. Your subcribers/followers will also be able to access a grid of your IGTV videos straight from you profile too so it makes it very accessible for people to see and view your content.

If you haven’t reached that illusive 10k followers to get the swipe up function then you can still add a swipe up to your IGTV video through your stories too. Also, every time you upload a video you have the option to upload a preview to your grid (which I definitely recommend) so people can see the beginning of your video clip with a link to easily guide them to watch the rest of the video. It is a wonderful way to branch out and continue to diversify and build your brand. 

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Now onto the list:


Doing a question and answer session is a great way to let your followers learn a little more about you. It offers a deep dive into your life and lets you know what remains a mystery to your followers and what they want to know more about. The best way to kick this off is to create an Instagram story template 

Tutorials & How to

If you have a skill, idea, recipe or pretty much anything you are able to teach others then why not jump on a video and teach people what you know. There is always something we can teach others and it is a great knowledge to share.

Story time

Do you have a funny story about a time something crazy happened? Or maybe you want to share your birth story. If you have a story about your life that you are happy to share and think that your viewers/followers would love to hear too then share away. People love to get glimpse into the person behind the Instagram account. 


If you have a certain topic that you love talking and sharing about (for me might be cloth nappies and wipes) why not do a series? IGTV gives you the option now of creating a series so you can link a number of videos together and people who are interested in that topic can view all of your videos in the one place. 

Webinars/Live videos

If you have used another platform (such as Facebook) to do a live video and/or a webinar then if you have the saved copy of that live then you can upload this to your IGTV, as long as it falls within the guidelines for videos in length.


Sit down chats, maybe with a tea or coffee, and level with your audience. These are great and just like sitting down with an old friend. You can just tell your followers about something that is happening in your life, give them an update and so much more.

Day in the life

These are really easy to do and another way that people get to lift the veil on the person behind the instagram account. You can film small clips throughout your day and put them altogether in a video editor like iMovie.


Whether you are getting an order through, you have just got back from shopping or you get a monthly subscription box these are great for video content. I don’t know about you but I love seeing what other people have bought. 

Daily routines

We all have a routine to our day in some way, shape or form and it can be really helpful to see how other people structure their days and routines, especially if you are looking to change something up in your current routine. People love to look at how other people do things and can often find tips to incorporate into their own lives.


If you film a lot of videos then your bound to have a few bloopers lurking on your phone/computer so why not throw them together and make a fun video.

You will soon find your flow and find what you enjoy doing but also what your audience enjoys watching! 

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