How I grew my Pinterest to 100k in 30 days + grab my free Pinterest Guide

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Pinterest has kind of always been there hasn’t it? The platform that we run to when we are looking for a new recipe, a DIY idea or when we are looking at some creative ideas to do with the kids. But, did you know it is also one of the most incredible marketing tools out there and you literally cannot afford to be on the platform if you have a business, brand or side hustle?

Today I want to share with you my free Pinterest guide & tangible tips on how I grew it to 100k in just 30 days with a few simple steps. Keep reading for all the good stuff.

Isn’t it just another Social Media Platform?

You’d definitely be forgiven for thinking that it is just another social media platform because Pinterest has long been lumped in the same category with the likes of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but while these platforms are often focused on vanity metrics such as likes and follows (which mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things)Pinterest is more a search engine.

Think about it for a second, are there any other social media platforms you can search so intently for what you are looking for, such as a recipe, a craft tutorial or tips on how to write the perfect blog post? The answer is of course no, there is no easy way to look for these things on the likes of Facebook and Instagram with any particular ease, if even at all.

Going forward with the notion of Pinterest being a search engine will help you so much in being able to show up and serve your audience. They aren’t just interested in what you had for dinner but are interested in every step in how they can make it too. When you look at it this way it will be easier for you to show up and share the correct content on Pinterest to serve your audience and beyond.

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How did I grow my audience to 100k in just 30 days? 

I know this is most likely the reason you clicked on this content, because it sounds pretty alluring doesn’t it? Growing your Pinterest to 100k in just 30 days just seems like a feat that you wouldn’t even know where to start with.

First things first, grab my Quick Pinterest Guide for free above because it has all the tangible tips you need to know and apply to understand what you need to be doing on the platform to grow. Pinterest has an ever changing algorithm that has recently undergone some big changes so don’t miss out on getting in on the ground floor. You have a very real chance to grow and fast right now so I really recommend jumping in and just taking the leap and learning as you go.

My 3 step plan to conquering Pinterest:

  1. Create fresh, new pins for all current and new content. This can include multiple pins linking to the same content on your website.
  2. Repin your appropriate content.
  3. Pin content that is connected to you/your brand.

This simple three-step plan along with all the knowledge I have shared with you in my free Quick Pinterest Guide is the exact strategy I used to grow my Pinterest to 100k in just 30 days. 

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