What Can Your Business Do to Attract and Edgier Crowd?

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Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with a hint of rebranding; sometimes, there’s the chance that you accidentally attracted the wrong crowd, or maybe your target audience was so vague from the beginning that you’re only now discovering what you think might be best? It’s entirely understandable if you want to make some changes to your business; maybe you want an audience that’s more lined up with your views. 

Maybe you’re wanting something different just to shake things up? Maybe you’re finally at the point where you can make a change in your business to where you can actually have the ability to get the customers you want. Of course, it’s all going to vary, and redecorating your business premises isn’t going to be enough either. Well, with that said, here’s exactly what you can do to attract an edgier crowd! 

What Edgy Identity Are You Wanting to Portray?

Usually, consumers like to buy from businesses that line up with their views and their aesthetics, so how do you plan to do that? In general, before you can attract an edgier crowd, it’s essential to clearly define the edgy identity you want to portray. What makes you stand out? What are you able to do to get them to know that the views and aesthetics align? This could involve revamping your branding, updating your aesthetic, or redefining your messaging to align with the edgier vibe you aim to cultivate. 

Maybe there’s something super specific you’re wanting; maybe your business used to be more like a cafe, but you got licensing solicitors to help you get a liquor license? In that case, if you want an edgier crowd rather than the type of customers that you use to go in there (such as just for coffee and lattes), then it might help to redecorate, change the music you play, the hours of operation, and maybe even change locations of your business if you can. 

Sure, there’s not the most distinctive difference between bars and cafes, but it’s all about those major changes that separate the two- especially when it comes to customers. 

Consider Hosting Events or Making a Themed Night

One thing that might really make a massive difference would be to organise events and promotions that cater to an edgier crowd. This could include live music performances, art exhibitions, or themed nights that resonate with the interests of your target audience. In a way, this doesn’t single out your older customer base (if you had one), but at the same time, you’re still recruiting new edgier customers. This is actually a pretty great way to create an environment where your customers feel the excitement and edginess.

Make Unconventional Marketing Campaigns

So, if you already had an audience at one point in this, then you need to keep in mind that this might alienate them. So, are you sure this is something you’d want to do? Sometimes, it’s good to alienate an audience you think no longer goes with your brand, but ultimately, it’s up to you. 

So, with that said, you’ll need to develop marketing campaigns that challenge the norm and push boundaries. It’s really going to help to employ bold visuals, unconventional narratives, and thought-provoking content that resonates with the edgier mindset. Make a statement that captivates attention and sparks curiosity.

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