Why You Should Set Up A Scaffolding Business

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When people think of businesses to set up, scaffolding isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. However, with the loss of tech jobs and outsourcing of cognitive tasks to AI, the industry is back in vogue. Buildings still need scaffolding for construction and maintenance. 

But why should you set up a scaffolding business in particular? Let’s take a look at some of the oft-cited reasons. 

High Demand

The first reason for setting up a scaffolding business is the high demand and growth. The construction sector will likely need more scaffolding professionals over the coming year as buildings get taller and the country attempts to deal with its growing population. 

High demand is also coming from the government sector. Local authorities are asking companies to redevelop old sites and bring them up to standard instead of paving over virgin green land outside of city boundaries. As such, they need more scaffolding. 

Specialized Skill Set

Moreover, scaffolders have a specialized skill set. It can take many years to master the trade, which is why so few people ever seriously get into it. However, once you complete various PASMA courses, you immediately set yourself apart from the countless other contractors out there. 

Diverse Clientele

Another reason to get into the scaffolding business is the diverse clientele. Different from some businesses, you are not solely dependent on a single vertical succeeding for all your income. You can spread out a little and not get rocked about by fluctuations in the construction sector so much. 

For example, even if construction is quiet, many other people want scaffolding on their properties or buildings, including homeowners, schools, universities, and hospitals renovating or carrying out repairs. You can also earn lucrative contracts involved in the restoration of historic buildings. 

Non-Depreciating Equipment

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You might also consider the depreciation aspect when choosing to start a scaffolding business. Unlike other contractors that see rapid loss of productive capital, scaffolders can often keep using the same simple equipment for a decade or more, without any serious issues. 

Buying all the scaffolding you need upfront is expensive. However, you can make significant returns over the long term by simply continuing to use it. 

The best scaffolding is stainless steel or heavily galvanized metal. These options won’t tarnish in the rain or salty conditions, meaning that you could earn income from them for many years without having to worry about replacement. 

The Contribution To Safety

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Finally, you might want to start a scaffolding business if you are passionate about contributing to safety. Most construction workers injure themselves because of serious falls that could have been prevented by proper scaffolding implementation. 
Scaffolding rules and regulations are pages long. However, most contractors only apply them loosely, leading to accidents and sometimes loss of life. Setting up your own scaffolding business could be a way to contribute to the entire construction and renovation industry, allowing you to improve people’s quality of life and help them better enjoy their vocations. Adding safety features throughout scaffolding installations is often enormously beneficial.

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