Marketing Mistakes That Could Hold You Back (& How To Respond)

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An effective marketing strategy is easily one of the most important features of any business operation. But while all entrepreneurs can appreciate the benefits of a strong plan, many continue to fall into restrictive habits.

A conscious effort to avoid common marketing mistakes will give an advantage over the competition. Moreover, it’s sure to leave you with a comprehensive strategy capable of putting your company back on the path to greatness. 

Focus on avoiding the following pitfalls and you won’t go far wrong.

Ignoring Offline Marketing

Even if you operate a local business, it is inevitable that digital marketing campaigns will play a central role in your overall strategy. Nonetheless, ignoring the role of offline marketing campaigns is a major red flag that could cost you dearly. 

From posters to booklet printing, printed materials can be used to boost brand awareness. Or educate qualified leads about products. While a percentage of printed goods will go to waste, they will also leave a huge impression on people who do take note. If nothing else, the brand will be in their mind ready for when they want products like yours.

Printed materials can also be great for winning passing trade. When combined with promotional goods and freebies, a lasting impression is assured.

Not Utilizing Your Biggest USP (People)

Human interaction remains a key part of the selling process, even in situations where face-to-face sales are limited. The people that represent your business are the company’s biggest USP. Going the extra mile to help them deliver great results is vital. 

For starters, you need to build and retain a great team and invest in the development of their selling skills. Crucially, though, you must enable them to show their personalities throughout the process. Likewise, active listening is a requirement. It enables salespeople to subsequently tailor their services to the individual. It will get far more sales over the line.

Even in 2023, people buy people. If you can successfully create an emotional spark that makes people resonate with the brand, your sales figures will reflect this.

Overlooking The Power Of Recommendation

Powerful marketing campaigns are needed to make people take note of the company. Still, you should not forget that modern consumers will seek social proof. After all, they can find both positive and negative opinions with very little effort.

Research shows that 88% of consumers have their purchasing decisions influenced by reviews. Meanwhile, recommendations from friends or people they trust can be equally impactful. It explains why influencer marketing has seen a dramatic rise in popularity. Popular accounts can bring new people through the door and create a quick sales funnel.

If you truly want new leads to trust your business, incorporating social proof will be necessary. Without it, doubts will remain in their minds.

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Not Creating Multiple Touchpoints

If you run a local convenience store, you may gain sales from passing foot traffic. For most brands in most industries, especially in the digital space, sales don’t come during the initial contact. In fact, the average person requires eight before making a purchase. 

Due to this, it’s imperative that you create an omnichannel marketing experience. Websites, social media, Google, printed media, telesales and other campaigns can all be used. The key is to always be consistent in your branding. Meanwhile, it makes sense to ensure that you use visual media that creates a lasting impression.

Video, for example, can help users retain over 90% of the brand message while also breaking down language barriers. 

Focusing Only On New Leads

While new customers are needed to expand the company, you must not overlook loyal fans. The Pareto principle suggests that up to 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your customer base. Doing more for them can transform your venture.

It should not be limited to marketing efforts. Still, you are in a position to track an extensive range of data from them. In turn, you can send personalized email marketing campaigns based on their trends. This could relate to items like the products they’ve previously purchased. Or it may be triggered by abandoned online carts.

Loyal customers will be your greatest advocates. Likewise, when new leads see that you have an army of long-term clients, it will inspire increased trust.

Ambiguous Messaging

Finally, if you want leads to respond in a certain way, it’s vital that you point them towards this direction. Clear CTAs (call to action) are arguably the most valuable tool at your disposal. When all marketing efforts move customers along the path to conversion, success is assured.

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