The Careers That Turn You Into A Global Citizen

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There are those for whom the same postcode for life simply will not do, so if you’re thinking about how you can join the ranks of the expatriate, here’s the top 5 jobs that can get you global in no time.

#1 – Management / Consulting

If you’re at that point in your career where you can confidently lead teams onwards to success and have demonstrated abilities in revitalizing organisations, then a career in management or consulting can get you to some of the fabulous global cities.  Think of the glittering desert cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha where these types of skills are in big demand – and come with big paychecks too.  Expect to earn a tax-free income starting at around $75k plus benefits.

#2 – Teaching English Abroad

Guilty as charged – this one is a bit of a clichè at this point but if you’re between jobs or just out of college and not sure what to do next, the demand for native English speakers in Asia and South America is not waning.  Expect to earn upwards of $ 30k based on your experience and whether or not you’re teaching at a school or corporate.  Find out more, here.

#3 – Hotel Management, at sea

The cruise industry is back after a year-long pause and guests are clamouring to get back to sea.  If life on land is becoming far too mundane and a fast-changing, exciting and constantly mobile career appeals to you, then you could consider working at sea. Not only do you get to travel constantly but as an officer in the hotel department, you get your own cabin and great benefits.  Salaries are good too, expect a paycheck of around $75k a year.

#4 – Being a Techy can take you places

Probably some of the most “bankable” jobs overseas remain those centred in the “tech” world.  Think software engineers, systems developers, data analysts and app designers are all in top demand all over the world, with some of the best salaries in Asia.  In Singapore, a software developer can expect to earn upwards of $ 55k a year and this increases exponentially based on experience and qualification. Agencies like Techfynder offer global job opportunities.

#5 – Digital Nomads, Freelancers and Writers

Countries like Estonia, South Africa, Argentina and Malaysia are all opening up visa categories that allow you to live abroad while earning in your current role.  Fulfil some mandatory income and insurance requirements and you’re golden.

The world is opening up again, in some ways faster than before “the time of the Great Pandemic” and the way we work is changing too.  There are endless opportunities so it’s always a good idea to take some time and find the right solution for you and if you’re after the global experience but are not chasing the big payout, then volunteer tourism could be the right option for you.

We only have one world, so why not get out there and explore it and carve a very good looking resume besides.

Oh and before you jet off, here are some tips on how to travel in style.

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