How To Break The Cycle of Work Stress

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No matter what job you, or the level at which you do it, you will find it stressful at times. No industry is free of stress, and no role is free of the pressures of everyday working life. If you have recently been promoted, or your working environment has become more stressful since the pandemic hit in 2020, you could be feeling the burn right now.

Am I in a toxic work stress cycle?

Work stress will never disappear, but you can break free of toxic work stress cycles. Many people enter into these cycles without realizing it: they lose sleep, stop eating well, procrastinate, avoid, and ultimately cause themselves more stress in the long run.

If you constantly feel like you’re clinging on, never totally ahead of the game at work, and that elements of your personal life are being constantly sacrificed just to keep up, you could be in a toxic work stress cycle.

Here’s how to break out of it.

Note the bad habits that arise when you are stressed, and actively work against them.

Everybody falls into bad habits when they are stressed out. These habits could be food-related (such as overeating or not eating enough); losing sleep; being irritable with loved ones; or even all of the above. When you are in a stress cycle, recognizing it is the first step – you can start to actively work against the habits that begin to build up due to stress.

Combatting your bad stress habits is very difficult, and requires much patience. Even if you do one thing differently per day, you should be congratulating yourself. Don’t expect to wake up one morning and be totally on top of your stress habits – just take it one day at a time.

Seek professional coaching.

Professional coaching can be found using Online Coaching Companies, who will assess your situation and give you practical guidance for breaking out of it. Sometimes, an external opinion, however hard to hear, is a great thing.

Getting coaching means you can start to see your situation from an objective point of view, and learn tools to cope better with the stressors that work brings to your life.

Question the environment that has caused this stress cycle.

Sometimes it’s not you, it’s them. And when it comes to being in a constant cycle of stress at work, it could be that your work environment is placing too much pressure on your shoulders. Every job requires some level of pressure, and if you’re at the top of your game, the pressure can be enormous.

But if your work environment is so stressful that you find yourself suffering personally as a result, in the long term, this work environment might not be right for you. It is important to question the conditions that have brought you to this cycle of stress in the first place.

In conclusion…

If you are feeling the burn of work stress at the moment, use this guide to assist you in breaking free from it.

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