How I rock the miracle morning as a busy mum

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Wellness has always been a big part of my life and since I started growing my own business 5 years ago I have made personal development part of my daily routine. As well as being a content creator I have a side business as a wellness ambassador, which I love, and if it wasn’t for finding that I don’t know when I would have been introduced to the importance of Personal development and I often wonder without it if I would have found it at all. It’s funny how things happen for a reason.

One of the books I read early on in my personal development journey was The Miracle Morning. I have recently picked it up again, determined to implement some of the suggested routines for success.

If you haven’t ever heard of or read the Miracle morning, it is a number of items to do every morning to help put your mind in the right place first thing so you’re ready to tackle the day. These 6 habits, if implemented will change your mindset and set you up for success. Now these aren’t my idea so I urge you to go and check out Hal Elrod and also grab your own copy of the miracle morning.

How I achieve the miracle morning as a mum

Being a mum means my mornings are pretty rushed. My daughter is often a later riser (thank goodness!) and as a late riser myself I find that I will tend to sleep until she wakes because I perform at my best when I have the most amount of sleep. With this in mind it does mean that my miracle morning can only take place when my daughter is up, which does mean I tend to be somewhat distracted while I do it.

To enable myself to get each of the six habits done I have to split them up and go for them when I see my window. The ideal time set out in the book is 1 hour although there is an amended 6 minute version for when you’re in a time crunch. 

I personally don’t set a time limit for myself of the mornings where I am with my daughter, because sometimes I might get a longer period of time and sometimes I might struggle to find myself 6 minutes. In my mind, the most important thing is to get it done rather than worry about how long it takes.

I start my morning off with a brief moment of self reflection, just a moment to pause and get acclimated to my day and I will often do this with my cup of coffee. A common phrase in our house is how amazing that first sip of coffee is in the morning. For me that first sip is the perfect moment to sit in silence and reflect.

Next I move onto affirmations and I have them written down in a notebook. If I have time I will speak them outloud and several times. If I don’t I will just read them and pause briefly to reflect on each one.

Next I try some visualisation. I say try because this is the one I often find the hardest when I am in the middle of a busy day already. Visualisation is also something I personally find the hardest too.

After this I write in my gratitude journal and usually just a line or two about what I am thankful for that day. I also have space for an evening reflection in my journal so I make time for that before bed too.

Next I do some quick stretches. I would love to commit to more of an exercise routine but I am not there yet.

Lastly I read and I will be honest here I rarely manage to get this done in the morning and instead end up doing this much later in the day when my husband has my daughter and I have some time alone to work. 

Life as a toddler mum is busy and chaotic but I hope I was able to show you that even though it seems hard it definitely is possible to create a routine around these habits and weave them into your everyday life. You can do it in so many ways; some people get up an hour earlier to get them done. I am not there yet but hopefully in the future that is something I can do. Have you ever tried the habits set out in the miracle morning?

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