Don’t Be A Small Fish In A Big Pond

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Growing your digital presence is all about reaching out to a broader market to drive your earning potential. You can’t remain a big fish in a small pond if you want to make money out of your online expertise. But broadening your horizons means, figuratively speaking, taking a dive into a blogger pond. Big ponds, however, do not mean big profits because you’ll be fighting against more significant competitors. So how can you level up without being a small fish in a big pond? 

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or an avid blogger, you need to be visible to exist in a crowded digital space. If people don’t notice you, you can’t establish your professional presence. 

Pick memorable addresses

It may be a work-from-home kind of business, but that doesn’t mean you should share your home address online. Your contact-me page can use a professional address, such as a New York business address on Wall St if you want to promote an international presence as a financial advisor, for instance. Do you offer copywriting services? You can be sure that a virtual business address in a highly creative spot will get you noticed, such as East Sussex where Rudyard Kipling used to live. 

Another useful address to think about is your domain name and location, aka the link to your homepage. Choosing a meaningful and unforgettable domain name can boost your brand presence. The combination of meaningful keywords and something that is easy to write and remember can make a huge difference. 

Build a personal brand that stands out

What are your brand’s values? Your brand needs to establish your unique qualities. People seek authentic brand experiences that are purposeful, visually attractive, and self-motivated. You need to push your values out, making sure your audience knows who you are and what you stand for. There’s a lot you can achieve with effective communication strategies and bold designs. 

Have advocates who promote you

Swimming into a big pond as a small brand can be overwhelùming on your own. Yet, there’s no need to approach a broad market on your own. Small fish swim together to survive. That’s why you need to surround yourself with other brands that share your values and aspirations. Building a network of partners, supporters, and advocates offer a unique protective environment to establish a solid presence. 

Become a viral phenomenon

Social media is your best friend to make an impression. While most social media messaging becomes outdated within a few minutes to hours, creating viral content can build a buzz that can carry your brand further. This begs one important question: how do you create viral social media content? The answer is by understanding the 4 factors that make things go viral. A novel experience or new information is likely to stick in the public mindset long enough to go viral. Then you want to focus on the spreadability of the news, and the channel you can use to spread it. Finally, influential spreaders, such as a retweet by a celebrity, make it go viral. 

In conclusion, being a growing fish in a big pond is what you should aspire to when you’re planning growth. You can establish the foundation for your next move, from scoring popularity points through your address to using advocate marketing to get noticed. Small fish that work smartly are more likely to outlive lone big fish! 

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