How To Start Your Own Business Online While Being A Stay At Home Mama

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Having kids is great but they can be expensive. From medical bills to extra school activities, there is a big business in raising kids. So, how do you make money as a stay at home parent? Here are some ideas to get you started making money without having to leave your house.

Social media

There are always new parents being created with the birth of their little ones, and they all reach out and seek out advice. As an experienced parent, you have the unique opportunity to offer insight that they can access through your social media. Parenting influencers have been on the rise for years and many parenting bloggers have monetised their reach. You could even start your own social network and help people through the confusing world of parenting.

Virtual assistant

If you are organised, and seeing as you want to work from home to make some extra cash we will assume that you are, you could make a great virtual assistant. A virtual assistant does most of the jobs a regular assistant does. It can be hard to get the coffee run in but the wonders of technology can allow you to order it remotely. Many small businesses are using VA’s as a way to streamline operations and free up time on busywork. You could take care of this busy work for them.

Etsy shop

One of the best things about Etsy is that you can connect with people who create their own products. Some people use their hands to create unique pieces. Others are handy with the computer and 3D printers. Whatever it is that you can create, you can sell it online. You don’t even need to use Etsy, there are plenty of places and platforms that welcome small businesses and creators. Once you have a product that you are happy to sell, search out a good place that you can sell it.


You are staying at home looking after your own kids, so why not throw a few more into the mix and get paid for it? Some people have no choice but to go out and work for someone else. This means that there is always a need for childcare. You will need to be vetted and have checks performed to ensure that you are a responsible person to leave children with but once they are out of the way, you can open your home to other kids.

Dog grooming

This is a strange one but it is possible to run your own dog grooming business from your home. If you like dogs and fancy a career, there are places that give courses to be a dog groomer. People spend a lot of money on their dogs and are willing to pay for a good groomer. Working with dogs can be great fun, you could even offer a dog walking service when the kids are at school to go with your grooming services. If you do go this route, you will never be short of exercise during the day.

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