Creating the Best Possible Product Listings

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Product listings can make or break your profits. As more and more business shifts online, many of us rely on Ecommerce for our greatest profits, so it’s not all too surprising that many of us are seeking ways to improve our sites. Product listings are where customers will take a look at what’s on offer and whether they want to actually buy from you or not. This means you have to put a fair amount of effort into them. Of course, there are numerous areas of focus. Here are just a few that you might want to take into consideration.

Product Photography

Photography is one of the main selling factors you should make use of when selling online. At the end of the day, this is the only visual that customers will be able to get of your products before purchasing them. You need to make sure your product photos are flattering and show all elements of your product. All too many business owners try to cut costs by taking their product photos themselves. Sure, phone cameras may be getting better and better, but they are no match to a professional photographer’s equipment, lighting, skills and expertise. Hire a product photographer with a great portfolio that matches your aesthetic.


Videos hold a whole lot value too. Being able to see your product from various angles, being used by people or seeing a demonstration of your products being used can really help to drive sales. You should make sure to include product shots as well as nice lifestyle shots. Not only do videos help customers see your products in action, but it also provides a short and succinct way to share further information that can persuade customers to actually invest in your products. The great news is that videos can be multipurpose, working on your prodcut listing, as well as providing good social media content. Work with an explainer video production company to create videos that show off your products in their best light. You should make sure that it is well-formatted for both computer and phone, shrinking to fit a phone screen while allowing details to still be seen.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions provide your customers with more insight to your products. Product descriptions are the space where you can give further information beyond what can be seen in the pictures. You can provide relevant details that could impact a sale, such as ingredients, dimensions, materials used and so much more. There is, of course, a trick to really selling a product. You need to word things well and in your brand tone of voice. This is where copywriters come into play. You can hire an in-house copywriter, or you could outsource to agencies or freelancers. Look for those who also have a good grip of SEO, as using the right keywords in your product descriptions can help your page to rank highly in search engine results when customers are looking for what you’re selling.

These simple steps can really help to guide you on your journey towards creating the best product listings possible. Hopefully, each will come in useful for you and your business!

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