4 Tips To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Business

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When it comes to improving the first impression of your business, what does your building say about you? Your physical location can speak volumes about your business type, and that all-important first impression can either wow potential customers or clients or turn them completely. The last thing you want is to have them turn around or make judgements about you before they even meet you.

This is why ensuring your building and your business location are looking good at all times to ensure you give out only the best first impression. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how well things are run on the inside; if the outside lets you down, you may not recover!

Safe parking and pedestrian access

How do people access your business? If you have a car park for them to use and for pedestrians to access, you need to ensure it is correctly signposted and safe for everyone using it. No one wants to be the person dodging traffic because there’s no clear footpath or marking for pedestrians only/ the same with parking; if you don’t have clearly marked bays, you run the risk of poor parking and people taking up more space than they need it resulting in loss of business due to insufficient parking facilities. Use a Car park line marking company to help you configure your parking area and ensure it is usable for everyone who needs it.

Cleaning and maintenance

Do you have people outside your building ensuring your facilities are well maintained? If visitors are met with piles of rubbish, leaves strewn about everywhere or dirty doors and pavements, what are they going to think? While it might not technically it might not be your responsibility, going that extra mile and cleaning externally can go a long way in improving the first impression people have of your business. Take care of any peeling paintwork in the building, dirty windows and doors, carry out repairs and maintenance of doorways, stairwells, parking and more to ensure that you are making a good impression from the very beginning.

Add greenery

Greeney has long been known to boost people’s moods and provide an enhanced aesthetic to any area. People respond well to seeing plants and greenery in most places. Adding bushes, trees, or flower beds outside of your business location can help you not only make an excellent first impression but boost how your business looks and benefit the environment too. Work with an experienced landscaper to help you design a green space outdoors and to bring that vibe internally, too, to carry on the theme and bring the benefits of nature to your internal working environment.

Easy access

Lastly, nothing detracts from the first impression of a business, like not being able to access your property or find you if you are in a shared building. While it might be second nature to you if someone new was to visit you, how easily will they find you? Is there a complicated entry system? Do they have to wait for someone to physically let them in, or do they need to navigate other businesses first? Take a step back and identify any issues with your welcoming area and entrance and ensure that people can find you quickly. You are on hand to greet them before they need to be welcomed to avoid people getting lost or waiting to be attended to.


First impressions count; everyone knows this, but many people forget that the first impression starts well before you actually meet someone. From your physical location, it begins when they arrive at your business and impressions are formed within 7 seconds. You need to make those 7 seconds count, and this post can help you do just that.

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