Why you need to create your ideal client avatar

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When you are marketing your business you need to know who you are marketing yourself to and that is why I wanted to share with you today all about the ideal client avatar. Now let’s get this cleared up straight up, I didn’t come up with this idea at all and try as I might I have tried to search for who did so I can credit them, but I couldn’t really find a definitive answer, but it definitely isn’t mine.

The ideal client avatar, in short, is sitting and creating your ideal client. You will think about the type of person they are, their interests, why they follow you and what their life looks like. It is also one of the steps that people tend to miss or skip over when they are creating a business, brand or community. 

So I wanted to come on today to share with you a quick titbit on why I think this step is so important and some common mistakes people make. I am also going to share with you my own ideal client avatar in the hopes it will inspire you to create your own.

How to create your own ideal client avatar

As I mentioned above, the ideal client avatar is for you to create the ideal person who you want your business, brand or community to reach. In creating this ‘person’ you can ensure all your content is aimed and directed towards this ideal person. Of course it isn’t just one person but an ideal of the person you want to reach and inspire. 

A common mistake in marketing, and something I hear from my clients frequently, is that they are worried about not appealing to everyone and want to reach everyone with their content. I am here to say that you need to start giving yourself permission to not appeal to everyone and start getting really comfortable with that idea. In business or even in community building you cannot appeal to everyone, there is no way that you ever could, and something we all need to get comfortable with is to stop trying to appeal to everyone. 

What does the ideal client avatar do

I know, you’re already tensing up at the idea of not appealing to everyone. Don’t worry that is completely natural but if we take a second to think it over we will realise that there is no way on the planet that we would ever be able to appeal to everyone. We are all different, we are all our own unique person and voice and not everyone is going to like us. Some of you will hate that idea, but like I said above, this journey in building our own community needs to have us getting more comfortable with getting uncomfortable.

By creating your ideal client avatar you will start to realise that there is an audience out there for you, that they are like minded and will want to consume your content. They will support your every move, cheer you on and celebrate your wins. These are your people.

You don’t want an audience of the opposite. You don’t want people who don’t support you, who don’t clap when you win or who are waiting for you to fail. Trust me, as a person who has built an audience with a mix of the two I can promise you that you don’t want these people around you. Let these people go with good grace. 

I have created a free ideal client avatar sheet for you guys to download, feel free to use it and I hope it really helps you think about the type of people you surround yourself with. Whether you are growing a business, brand or Instagram community this short exercise can help no end, so really take the 10 minutes it takes and think about who your ideal person is. Then create every piece of content with this person in mind and you will be well on your way to building a like minded community who really have your back

Download your ideal client avatar worksheet

Grab your ideal client avatar worksheet below.

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My ideal client avatar

To help you get started and focused on your ideal client I thought I would share mine below, to help you get an idea of who I want in my community. I know sometimes reading others work can help you get started on doing your own.

Rachel is a female, aged 35 and married for 5 years. She has two children, a four year old and a baby, and has just finished maternity leave. She works as an accounts assistant part time but doesn’t necessarily want to return to work after her second baby. She lives in the UK and took a year off for maternity leave with her second child.

She enjoys creating content and meeting other mothers. She started a blog while on maternity leave and would like to learn more about how she can bring in an income from content creation, mainly using Instagram and through her blog.

She doesn’t want to return to her job or wants to bring in an additional income, and wants to spend more time with her children alongside doing what she loves. She also acknowledges that she needs something for herself. She would like to earn an additional income to bring more money into the house.

Rachel and her husband have debts they want to start paying off and she wants her business ideas to do that. She wants them to be able to live an easier life. Rachel doesn’t have much spare time and believes that holds her back. She is extremely self motivated and has a want to achieve.

She is looking for hints, tips and products to make her life easier. She knows in her heart that she can have the life she wants and is ready to put it into action.

I hope this helps you understand a little more about what is behind creating the ideal client avatar and how to create yours. I urge you to take a little time on creating this today!

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