Having One of Those Days? Learning To Function as a Frazzled Mum

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We all need to remember that, as parents, we can find ourselves feeling the symptoms of fatigue. If you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and drained a lot of the time, it is important to give yourself a break, but also about making sure you can rejuvenate yourself properly. We all feel that fatigue that comes with parenthood, but it’s not about making sure that we are 110% focused all of the time, it can be about making sure we are addressing our immediate environment, and giving ourselves a break. 

Getting Help 

We all have those days when it seems that everything goes wrong, and it’s always these days where we are at the end of our tether. If you are having one of those days, where the children are playing up, everything seems like a barrage of noise, and the house is falling apart, literally and figuratively, help is invaluable. 

If we are experiencing problems with the house, like the utilities not working or power cuts, this can add a lot more stress to an already tense situation. And this is why it’s important to have emergency contacts in place. Whether this is 24 hour AC service, electricians, or just a friend up the road that can look after the kids for the afternoon, if you feel you can never ask for help, you will never get it.

Improve Your Coping Mechanisms 

We all have a set of parenting tools that we have learned along the way, which are either learned from our parents or have come about from our instincts. But sometimes, we can do our best, however, it’s not good enough. In which case, we may need to switch up our coping mechanisms and parenting style. 

We have to remember that if we’re trying to make a change to see if something works, it takes a while to embed. While there is an abundance of parenting classes online, the most important thing for you to remember when you’re feeling overwhelmed is that you could be feeling too stressed. But it’s these days where you have to give yourself a pass. 

Sometimes, we see those are the parents that are 110% into their children’s lives, and we feel we cannot do the same. However, it’s important to remember that being good enough is absolutely fine when you feel out of sorts. If you’re always trying to make your children’s lives amazing, this will result in burnout. Cut yourself some slack. 

Focus on the Positive 

Sometimes, the most difficult thing to come to terms with when we are feeling exhausted is to focus on the positive. We have those days where we can’t do anything right, we struggle to function, and even the simple act of pressing a couple of buttons on our phone requires so much focus and concentration. We all have to remember that when we experience these sensations, it’s a sign that we need to step back. 

If we are constantly feeling like this, we are only going to dig deeper into the hole of negativity and burnout. Once we recognize if something is going wrong, only then can we start to address the balance and focus on the positive. Sometimes, there are external factors that seem to dictate that we have to just keep going. It could be the fact that you need to upgrade your home or pay bills, but these are things that aren’t necessarily urgent. You can always give yourself ten minutes to breathe, and come back to the room.

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