3 Overlooked Factors When Designing A Business Premises

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Building a business premises takes a lot of time and effort, but not all of that focuses on the actual construction. You’ll also need to worry about designing everything so everything works right. As part of that, you’ll need to make sure it’s appealing to customers while employees can work effectively.

That’s a careful balancing act, but there are also multiple factors you could overlook. Three particular areas are some of the more commonly overlooked when designing a business premises. That’s despite how important they can be.

If you want your business premises to be as well-designed as possible, you’ll need to make sure you don’t overlook them.

Designing A Business Premises: 3 Overlooked Factors

1. Parking Lots

Employees will need parking when they’re working for you. If they need to rely on commercial lots and other public parking, they could run into problems. It mightn’t just cost them money, but the unreliableness could make them late for work.

Make sure your premises includes enough parking for your employees. When you’re designing this, make sure it’s marked and lined properly. Companies like CJJ services can be relied on for this.

Doing so makes sure your parking is easy to use and there isn’t any confusion when employees and customers are trying to park.

2. Lighting

Lighting is never overlooked, but it’s easy to get this wrong. If you think more lights means better, you could be wrong. It’ll usually end up leading to the premises being too bright, with the lights being overpowering. That could end up leading to employees having headaches, as well as difficulties viewing computer screens.

You should make lighting as natural as possible, which can be achieved by installing windows in the right places. Any lights beyond this should be used to create an ambience while replicating natural light. It’ll avoid any overbearing or headache-inducing lighting problems.

You should also make sure these lights fit with the overall design aesthetic.

3. Signage

While signage mightn’t always be overlooked, some parts of it could be. Have you thought about how legible it’ll be when viewed from afar? If potential customers can’t read your signage from a distance, they’re not likely to visit it and buy from you.

Even new employees could find it difficult to find your premises. You should go out of your way to make sure it’s as legible as possible. Fonts and size will be some of the more notable parts of this, but you should also consider signage placement.

It’ll make sure everything’s as visible and readable as possible.

Designing A Business Premises: Wrapping Up

Designing a business premises can seem like a complicated process. With the multiple factors usually involved, it’s easy to see why. That often leads to things being overlooked, which could mean last-minute changes to the design, which involves a lot of stress.

Signage, parking, and lighting can be some of the most common of these, so it’s worth making sure you pay attention to them. Combined with some of the more obvious factors, you’ll make sure your premises is as well-designed as possible.

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