My story on becoming cruelty free

Where it all began…

I guess the beginning of my story about becoming cruelty free, when comes to skin care and makeup, is probably the same as everyone else’s. I have to say that I was completely shocked to find out what practices still happen, you can call me naive, but I think sometimes we just aren’t aware of what’s happening around us and only by educating ourselves do we find out more. My journey to being cruelty free started a couple of years ago when I was looking into what was in my makeup. Concerned about health issues, I wanted to know what I was putting onto my skin and was trying to ensure that it wasn’t going to affect me in adverse ways in the future. I came at this purely from a health aspect, wanting to find out more of what was in my makeup and convert to a more natural and organic way of life.

I actually started my blogging career as a beauty blogger

Those of you who don’t know my history will probably not know that I have been a blogger for over 11 years, in fact for a lot of the time in my early days of blogging had a successful beauty blog (called Beauty Chic – that is now long gone), and what goes along with having a successful beauty blog? An incredibly large make-up collection! I wanted to have all the high end brands as well as drugstore makeup as well, and I definitely built myself up quite the collection. When I finally decided that beauty blog in was no longer for me, and I wanted my voice on the Internet able to speak about more than just lipsticks and foundations, I was left with this large beauty collection and not a clue what I should do with it. At this time I still wasn’t really aware of what it meant to be cruelty free, in fact at this point the only reference was a visit to the Body Shop headquarters and I knew but they were against animal testing, but I am pretty sure that was it. I didn’t even question myself as to how I felt about it at the time. Having such a large collection my first instinct, as a blogger, was that it would be a great opportunity to try out all the products that I had and step by step work my way through my collection. I could already invision the amazing blog post that it would create as I “shopped my collection”.

But that didn’t quite pan out…

Fast forward several years. I hadn’t made much of an indent in my make-up collection, in fact all of my grand ideas to slowly work my way through it hadn’t really happened. I was using the same make-up that I always loved and never really questioning it, I was repurchasing brands such as MAC and Benefit time and time again. On the lower end brands Avon was my jam having been a rep for them for a year or so. Many, many years later, when it came to getting married, I wanted to do my makeup myself and it was around this time that I had become more passionate about living a more organic and plant based life.
I began to research brands which still used animal testing a bit more. The further I got into my research the more I found, and if you are currently live in a cruelty free life you will know exactly what I mean. I hadn’t been switched on before, I didn’t really realise the extent of the problem. I don’t feel bad about this, it was a different time in my life and I was happy doing what I was doing and I live my life without regrets. The more I researched, the more I found. It was from that moment that I decided that I would switch my make-up and skincare products to completely cruelty free brands. I read some cruelty free blogs, I spoke with some cruelty free bloggers and I found the best way going forward for me. I had spent a fortune on makeup over the years, much of which I still had, and I just couldn’t bare to (or afford) to just throw it in the bin. After speaking to a fellow blogger I decided that to press forward, I would finish up what I was using and just never repurchase it again. Slowly but surely I was able to replace my collection with cruelty free products. I am happy to say 95% of the way there in my make-up and skincare, and soon will be 100% cruelty free.

How you can make the leap to becoming cruelty free

Here are a couple of my tips for going cruelty free with your make-up and skincare.
  • You don’t need to throw everything away – unless you want to there is absolutely no need to throw everything away that you have already bought. Finish up your products and just don’t buy them again.
  • The China question – sometimes it can be really complicated find out whether a brand is cruelty free. Many brands state on their website that they are against animal testing. But look carefully, do they state that they are against it except where it is by law? If so they are probably referring to China. China demands mandatory animal testing by law and companies that sell in the Chinese market you required to test on animals or hire someone to do it for them. Brands that operate in the Chinese market are not cruelty free.
  • Don’t beat yourself up – cruelty free can be a minefield, if you accidentally buy something that isn’t cruelty free not beat yourself up about it. You have two choices; use the product until it is finished and don’t repurchase or you can throw it away. Mistakes happen.

I hope today’s post has been helpful to you and has helped you see my story into becoming cruelty free. It is certainly not an easy journey and there are times when we make mistakes. I cannot tolerate animal cruelty, I will not tolerate animal testing. If other people are ok with their products being tested on animals then that is for them to decide, people should be able to make their own decisions and I am ok with that. If you want to see a list of cruelty free brands I recommend this list by the cruelty free kitty blog, and if you are looking for Peta approved vegan brands check here. If you have any questions about becoming cruelty free or about any brands, please leave them below and I will try and help you with any queries.

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