My plant based skincare routine in my 30s

Why my skincare routine is different in my 30s

Ok I’m going to have to admit it I am in my 30s, but you know what that’s ok because I quickly found out your 30s is far superior to your 20s. Guys, let me know, your 40s even better? Anyway to today’s post! Let me preface this post by telling you about my skincare routine in my 20s, don’t worry it will only take a second, I didn’t have one. Yes, that’s right, just relied my 20s and being youthful. I was always that kind of girl who just quickly introduce her face to a makeup wipe, half removed my makeup and left it at that. You would think I would know better considering I have suffered from adult acne for many years. Today I’m going to talk to you about my favourite skincare items, from shampoo, body wash, soap and facial skin care.


So I thought I’d start with my cleanser because this is my absolute favourite cleanser ever, bar none. It sounds dramatic but this product has absolutely changed my life and my face. I know, I know, dramatic or what? But honestly, having suffered with adult acne for such a long time and never being able to find anything that worked, then prescription after prescription that also didn’t work, this has changed everything. The type of adult acne I suffer with is cystic acne and I predominantly suffer with it in my chin area. I would get huge cystic spots deep under the surface and there was nothing I could do except wait for them to go down. The cleanser that I use is the It Works cleanser and from the very first time I use this cleanser I noticed how amazing it was and how immediately my skin felt different. Not to mention how amazingly soft it was, couldn’t stop touching my face, which again is no good for cystic acne. However my skin survived and this botanically based and soap free cleanser has changed my life. It doesn’t clog my pores, it keeps my skin amazingly clean, it helps my skin do what it used to do naturally as it gets older (which, by the way, is the true secret to anti-aging), helps to remove dirt, removes makeup and restores your skins pH levels. Being Soap free means that it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural moisture either. Great on my skin and leaves it feeling smooth, fresh for the first time in many years my skin is bright and acne free. I absolutely cannot recommend this product enough, this absolutely must be a part of everyone’s everyday routine.

Body wash

Oh my goodness, the scent for this body wash is absolutely amazing and everytime I go for a shower it just makes me hungry. I use the Lavera exotic shower and bath gel in coconut, made with organic coconut ripe organic vanilla pods this will make you think that you are on holiday in a tropical destination. There is no SLS, synthetic preservatives, perfumes, colorants or mineral oil. I absolutely love the scent and I love the way it makes my skin feel. I will keep purchasing this time and time again.

Hair care

When it comes to my hair I have such an awful time finding shampoo and conditioner which works. I find my shampoo and conditioner on So Organic, which is where I purchase my shower gel from as well. For my hair I use Barefoot SOS shampoo and conditioner for dry and sensitive hair. This shampoo is perfect if you have a dry scalp for sensitive scalps at all. The conditioner is perfect for dry scalps and both products are great for those prone to eczema and psoriasis. The barefoot SOS shampoo conditioner and are organic and vegan as well as being plant based. These products are mild and really work on your hair. They are completely free from SLS, parabens, synthetic fragrance and any petroleum based oil.

Exfoliating peel

Another one of my favourite skincare products by It Works is the Exfoliating Facial Peel. Not only does it smell absolutely divine but it is also perfect in helping to strip away dead skin, oils and dirt. This is the perfect skincare product help your skin naturally do what it used to do when it was younger, therefore enabling it to stay fresh, clean and glowing. The exfoliating peel is botanically based with fruit extracts which help to clear your face and deep clean. As I have said before as you get older it takes longer for your skin to replenish itself and what you use to take a normal amount of time slows down. An exfoliating peel helps to keep your skin healthy and replenished therefore will help to diminish the signs of ageing. This product helps to keep my face clean, clear and acne free.


My skincare routine does not use a lot of soap. On my face I clean with my cleanser and my exfoliating peel and on my body most of the time I use body wash. I mostly prefer to shower but if I do ever have a bath I enjoy to wash with soap, and that’s where my Body Shop soap comes in. Body Shop are a 100% cruelty free brand that are animal testing, which is huge for me when choosing beauty products, and I have a couple of soaps from their range. I will often use either a coconut soap or an olive soap.
Thank you for visiting the blog and checking out today’s post, hope you found it helpful! I like to keep my skin care, and hair care, as natural as possible, plant-based and cruelty free. If you have any brand suggestions that you think I should try out please leave it in the comments.
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