Blanket Stitch: Cloth Masks

Just a quick break from our regularly scheduled programming here to share with you my mums (and mine, although I am the more low key, behind the scenes part of the duo) craft business, Blanket Stitch, who is working flat out to get everyone the masks that they need before they become mandatory in shops towards the end of the month.

Throughout these incredibly crazy times we have been making many of our family, friends and shop owners in our local community with 3 layer cloth masks. With many changes and mandatory rules regarding using masks on public transport and soon to be in shops and after a lot of ongoing queries we are excited to announce that we have opened up our order books wider, as so many people asked if we could make them masks. We are now working around the cloth to get our masks out to their new owners in time for some more of the rule changes to take effect by the end of July. 

We have kept the price as low as we are able in terms of our business costs, materials, time as well as postage and packaging, to enable people to get what they need and we want to stress that these are a handmade item and are no medical grade. They are however per recommendations, 3 layer, breathable masks. For further information please refer to the WHO and government guidance on masks to ensure these are the right thing for you.

So, as I said above, we have opened up our order books for anyone interested in purchasing one. We are currently turning all orders round in 24-48 hours and are posted out immediately upon completion. These masks are adult sized, made with 3 layers of fabric, washable, elasticated to fit around your ears and pleated to extend over your nose, mouth and chin. They also have a wired nose so you can fit them to the shape of your face.

As I am sure you can imagine demand has been at a high and coming in quickly, so we have moved to not being able to accommodate patterns but we can accommodate colour choices. 

If you have any particular questions or queries, please contact Blanket Stitch on 

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