We’re having a…

That’s right friends, the big news is finally out of the bag – we’ve been cooking a little baby due early 2019! So today, given that the first trimester is safely out of the way and we can concentrate on the future, I thought I would do a little first trimester update for you guys. I don’t intend to do a lot of pregnancy updates (you definitely won’t find any weekly bump dates here) but I will keep you in the loop along the way! Also, if you want to keep up with our journey to parenthood don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram – it’s where I update the most!




How we found out…

Funnily enough we still were a little shocked when we found out we were expecting, despite planning for it, I think it is always a little bit of a surprise that it has actually happened. I had an inkling something was going on so I took a test, expecting it to be negative and left it in the bathroom while I went and got dressed. I returned a few minutes later (after briefly forgetting that I had even taken one) to see two lines. I am sure I audibly stated “nooooo” quite loudly with my eyes open in disbelief at what I was seeing, but I was so over the moon!


My husband, Ray, had just started a brand new job and was in his second week when we found out, and as he was now working locally enough to come home for lunch I decided to wait until he got home for lunch and surprise him with the news. I found a baby onesie we had for when our Ragdoll cat, Beatrice, had been spayed (you can put them in one to stop them scratching their stitches – it didn’t work for us though and we stuck with the cone of shame), found a small box and folding up the onesie and laid the test stick – with its cap firmly on – on top. When Ray came home for lunch I told him I had a present for him and let him open it for himself. Cue the second person that day to have their eyes wide open in disbelief and exclaim “nooooo”. We were both so over the moon.


We kept it pretty quiet for the first 13 weeks, telling only a small number of family at first, and then the rest of our family and close friends after our 12 week scan. Then we decided once everyone knew that we would announce it on Facebook and Instagram.


So here we are, about to embark on this crazy adventure to become parents!

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