Rounding out the second Trimester

I honestly cannot believe that what I am writing is true – am I really getting ready for my third and final trimester of pregnancy?! Where has the time gone? On the one hand when you’re navigating pregnancy (certainly for the first time, I can’t really comment on subsequent pregnancies) time originally seems to go so slowly. Counting the weeks past of the first trimester, willing everything to go smoothly, week 4 (from when we found out) to week 13 seemed to take forever, then time continued to tiptoe past waiting for the 20 week scan. Now here we are, staring at the business end of pregnancy and getting ready to welcome our little babe in just 12 short weeks.

Why I loved the second trimester:

The second trimester has on the whole been great and I know many women will say that when it comes to the second trimester. My morning sickness subsided all of a sudden around week 15, I felt some very early baby movements around week 14, although at the time I didn’t know if it was baby or digestion! I also started to feel much more myself and back to how I felt pre-pregnancy which was a relief after the sickness of the first trimester.

pregnant woman

Signs and Symptoms I experienced during the second trimester:

Although the second trimester was amazing on the whole I still picked up some random symptoms of pregnancy along the way, just to keep me guessing.

Heart Palpitations: This was probably the most stressful symptom of the second trimester (and by the way stress doesn’t help them at all). I ended up at the hospital in A&E once, several doctors visits and numerous blood tests later and we *think* it’s probably pregnancy related, but I need to have some further tests just to be on the safe side. Good news is my Midwife isn’t worried at all and I think being able to relax a bit more about them has helped ease them off a little too.

Pelvic Pain: This is a new one, I don’t know if it is round ligament pain or the beginnings of PGP, but either way I’ve just been managing it by complaining a lot and moaning as I roll over in bed.

Back Pain: This was actually something that I experienced very early on in the second trimester and has thankfully resolved itself thus far.

What we’ve been up to:

We’ve been busy this trimester that’s for sure, taking advantage of me feeling at my best and have visited family, I went on a week long holiday with my mum, we’ve bought a lot of the stuff we need for baby Pigott (we have Christmas falling mid way through the third trimester, so  decided to get sorted with everything we need before Christmas hits), getting the nursery ready and had our amazing 20 week scan too.

What we’re looking forward to in the third trimester:

We’re looking forward to finishing up baby Pigott’s nursery, bringing all the baby stuff home (a lot of the big stuff is living at my mums at the moment) and organising the house. Of course, the big thing we’re looking forward to at the end of the third trimester is meeting our little baby. Baby Pigott, we can’t wait to meet you!

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