It’s a…

Well if you couldn’t guess by the title, today’s post is all about revealing the birth gender of our baby. I am so excited to share with you, mainly because this is the first time that we have found out the baby’s gender before birth, last time round we waited until birth, so this is a brand new experience for us.

Why did we decide to find out this time?

When we first found out we were having another baby we discussed whether or not we would find out this time round, and at first we decided that we wouldn’t, just like last time. I actually found not finding out and leaving it as a surprise as a really wonderful and enjoyable part of pregnancy, and I knew I was happy to do it again.

If you have read my first trimester update or follow along with us on Instagram, then you will know we had a scare early on, at our 12-week scan where it was suspected that the baby may have an abdominal wall defect. This was then confirmed the next day and then ruled out just over a week later. It was suspected that this little one just developed a little slower and their abdominal wall hadn’t yet closed at the 12-week scan (fun fact, ALL baby’s abdominal walls are initially open). With all this back and forth craziness we decided that we were done with surprises and we would find out, if we could, at our 20-week scan.

So, baby is a…

Baby Pigott number 2 is a BOY! We are so excited to be welcoming a little boy into our family to join us and our daughter. We feel so blessed to have one of each and cannot wait to go on this next adventure.

So, which way was better?

People had always said to me waiting for birth to find out the babies gender was the most magical, and it really was, but this way was equally special, just in a different way. Finding out he is a boy (he made it quite obvious) was still so special, even though we have to wait a while longer to meet him. I know meeting him is still going to be just as special as it was meeting our daughter too.

If you want to follow along with our adventures be sure to follow us on Instagram. I am currently about to turn 23 weeks and this pregnancy is flying by. I will be back before you know it to do a little run down of the second trimester along with some posts about planning and preparing for baby number 2.

Let me know in the comments when you found out your babies gender? Did you wait for birth or find out at a scan? Or did you mix it up like us? I would love to know!

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