How to hand make Mochi

If you have ever visited Yo! Sushi or even spent some time at a Japanese restaurant then you have probably heard of Mochi. I am a huge fan of visiting YO! Sushi but unfortunately here in Hertfordshire we don’t have any even close, so a Yo! Sushi visit always means a trip into London. I have been a massive Mochi fan ever since I first went to Yo! Sushi and I even had some at an all you can eat Sushi place in Florida when I was there last summer – there is something totally yummy about the soft, chewy feeling of Mochi. As I don’t get to sushi restaurants very often I decided it was time to try and make my own.


The how’s and the what’s!


16oz Glutinous Rice Flour

2 ½ cups of Sugar

2 ¾ cups of Water

12oz Almond Milk

½ cup of Cocoa Powder (you can omit this and add a food colour and/or flavour for different flavoured Mochi)

Cornflour for Dusting


* Sift Rice Flour into a bowl.

* Add Sugar and Cocoa powder, mix to combine.

* Add Almond Milk. DO NOT STIR.

* Add Water.

* Mix together with an electric whisk. Whisk until smooth.

* Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

* Line 3 9″ circular cake tins with foil (both bottom and side). Grease the tins with oil.

* Pour batter evenly across the 3 tins.

* Place another piece of greased foil on top of the pans. Ensure the foil is touching the batter.

* Bake for 1 hour.

* When cooked, let the Mochi cool in the covered pans for a further hour.

* Dust surface with cornflour.

* Take the foil off of the top of the pans, and invert on to the work surface.

* Carefully remove the foil from the Mochi. 

* Sprinkle cornflour onto the top of the Mochi.

* Cut Mochi into 1 inch squares.

* Roll each square in Cornflour so all sides are covered.

You can keep this Mochi refrigerated in an air tight container and eaten within 2 weeks. Can be frozen and eaten within 3 months.

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