The BEST low carb pancakes you will ever try!

Tasty pancakes using Almond AND Coconut Flour

Today I have another fun pancake recipe post for you, a fun 6 ingredient low carb recipe. I know I shared a post the other week with you about some great keto inspired pancakes and I still love those, but this recipe is for those of you who prefer a more American style to your pancake. By that I mean, you love your pancakes much fluffier. These pancakes are made with both Almond and Coconut flour and are low carb, keto inspired, Paleo and naturally gluten free. Oh, and if you don’t follow any of those diets or lifestyles, don’t worry, they are just a great, tasty pancake too!


Personally, I could spend every day eating pancakes, and if it wasn’t for the fact that sometimes I just like to grab and go I might very well make these a little more than I do, the great thing though is just how easy they are to make a big batch. What I love to do is dedicate some time, make a huge batch and freeze them in two’s, this was I can grab them in a morning from the freezer and just quickly reheat them with minimal fuss.


Keto, Low Carb, Paleo etc

My previous Keto Inspired Pancake recipe was made with solely Coconut flour, which I love, but this time round I was looking at changing up the texture and that is where the almond flour came in. Let me tell you, it worked! You cannot tell at all that these are not regular pancakes with regular flour. I am not great at working out recipes for myself so I was inspired by the Wholesome Yum Blog and their approach to low carb pancakes, and just made a few slight adjustments. What I loved the most about these pancakes was just how much they taste like a regular pancake but they are keto friendly, low carb and naturally gluten free. They also only take a few minutes to prepare with just a handful of ingredients, more than likely things that you have in your cupboards too.



Why I love my pancake maker!

To cook them we are lucky enough to own a pancake maker, the Electric Party Wok and Pancake Maker Set of 6 Woks and Wooden Spatula Non-Slip Coating, which is just a pancake hot plate, but definitely worth the investment if you ask me. We use it all the time for making pancakes, as well as making mini omelettes too. If you are a fan of making in bulk and freezing items such as pancakes and omelettes I definitely suggest adding one of these to your kitchen.




½ cup of Almond Flour

1/8 cup of Coconut Flour

1 tbsp of Stevia (or sweetener of your choice)

½ tsp of Gluten Free baking powder

3 Eggs

3 tbsp of Coconut Almond Milk

½ tsp of Vanilla Extract

A pinch of sea salt



Add all ingredients into a bowl and whisk until it forms a batter like consistency. If you find it is a little too thick feel free to add a little more milk until you have a consistency you are happy with.

At this point we lightly grease our pancake maker with a dab of coconut oil and ladle mixture into the rings. Heat until bubbles start to form and then flip and cook on the other side. Repeat until you have used all of your mixture.

If you don’t have a pancake maker, melt some coconut oil into a frying pan and add battle until it covers the bottom of the pan. Cook until bubbles start to form and then flip over and cook the other side. Repeat until you have used all of your batter.

Net Carbs per 2x 3” pancake: 1g




What next?

I suggest storing these either in the fridge if you plan on eating them within the next day or two, or you can add a couple to a freezer bag, pop then in the freezer and grab a bag every time you want some more. This makes it so easy.


This recipe is inspired by: Wholesome Yum

And adapted slightly by: Live, Love, Veggies

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    These pancakes are awesome! I’ll absolutely try these. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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